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Magill College is a Fully Accredited RTO that provides Corporate Training for employers to train their company’s employees by providing Professional Development which satisfy Training Benchmark B requirements. Serving each and every one of our clients’ needs is our absolute priority, ensuring that we exceed the expectations of every client whom we serve.

Magill College provides the flexibility of where the business wishes to be trained. We are able to offer Corporate Training in our own fully-equipped classrooms within our college, or we will drive or fly out to your company, anywhere within Australia.

At Magill College Sydney, we understand that providing excellent flexibility for our clients in essential to administer a high level of customer service. We also understand that businesses cannot run when the employees are being trained, which may cause businesses to stop during those days of training. That is why we ask you as the client what time and day you would like, including weekends!

You choose how to be trained! Magill College tailors each Corporate Training session to suit your business, meaning that we will apply our courses based on what type of business you are running and how you manage the business.


The 10 most popular courses include:

cs01  Quality Customer Service

ws01  Workplace Safety

CI  Continuous Improvement

rs01  Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff

pp01  People Performance

dw01  Diversity in the Workplace

op01  Operational Plan

mp01  Marketing Plan

cw01  Communication in the Workplace

mr01  Manage Risk

For further information or to enquire about training availabilities, please call (+61 2) 8061 6980 or email corporate.training@magill.edu.au.


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