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Marketing and Communication Stream Internship

Our student Fandy, on the job as our Marketing and Communication intern during student orientation



Are you a Marketing & Communication student who is heading toward completion of your course and looking for real work experience to build your Unique Selling Point? Are you a Marketing & Communication student who is passionate about product & service marketing and with strong communication skills and creativity but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered!

Magill College Sydney is now introducing a Marketing & Communication Internship Program that is designed to help marketing students get started on the pathway to their ideal career. The program will provide you the opportunity to develop communication skills and confidence, apply your Marketing & Communication knowledge to a real work environment, learn more about marketing function in a business, build your professional network, and most importantly add relevant Marketing & Communication experience to your resume.

Throughout this 4-weeks program, you will be a part of our professional yet friendly team at Magill College Sydney. You will work with our communication system, involve and assist in developing and implementing our marketing material and promotion campaign, liaise and communicate with our partners and clients, and attend different educational & marketing events as networking activities. The skill set you build through these activities will be the pedestal of your career and will help you excel in your future marketing roles.

At the end of your internship, you will be provided a reference letter and Certificate of Internship to confirm your attainment of the program together with an evaluation report on your overall performance.

Magill College Sydney’s Marketing Intern Diary